Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Train

Riding the Christmas train is quickly becoming one of our favorite experiences of the Christmas season! 

I love everything about the experience. The excitement of the boys. The lights. The old buildings all lit up. The Christmas music playing throughout the town. The power of the train as it approaches the station and how the steam pours out from the top. How all the children riding the train always wave and how all the children watching the train pass, always wave back. 

The boys are at such a fun age to have these sorts of experiences with. They go nuts for the fact that they are riding THE Christmas train and that Santa actually comes all the way down from the North Pole to wave to them while they ride the train! The boys ride with their faces pressed against the glass, mesmerized by the lights and searching for Santa. They hold our hands, cuddle in close and sing along to the music piping through the train. It's the best ever and these are memories I'll never forget. 

Dinner before. My Mom is out of town visiting my Grandmother. She was missed! 
The boys with Pop-Pop
Ready to board!

Christmas Train rides 2011, 2012, 2013

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