Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Anniversary Date Night for SEVEN!

Yesterday was our 8th wedding anniversary. Chris and I planned a quiet dinner out at one of our favorite local restaurants. And then our poor nanny got the stomach flu (from us no doubt!). When we floated the idea of the boys joining us for our fancy dinner, they were all over it! (of course!)

So that's how all seven of us ended up celebrating our anniversary over dinner, fancy napkins and all. It wasn't really that quiet, but it actually turned out to be very special. 

Chris and I will remember this dinner for a while.
 Not just because it ended up SO different than what we'd originally imagined. But because it kind of embodied how blessed we've been in our marriage. While kids colored around us, we toasted to eight years, five kids and then kept inserting jokes, like "and to our broken mini van door!" (inside joke because it's been broken for ages!) or "and to our dream home!" (which is an inside joke because our home needs soo much work, is pretty small for seven people and is littered with toys most of the time!).

But our life together is wonderful, broken mini van door, messy house and all. 

Overall, it was such a great evening! 

And honestly, we really like hanging out with all these little people that we created. They're pretty cool. 

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