Friday, December 23, 2011

Pure magic on the Huckleberry Railroad

This could become a very long story so I'll try and keep it short. The shorter, bulleted version:

  • We decided to take all the babies to Crossroads village (about a half hours drive) to ride the Huckleberry Christmas train which travels through the woods passing by Christmas light displays. Never been before but it sounded really nice.

  • We got there, unloaded the kids and all their gear- two were in a double stroller, one was in the moby wrap against me, one in the ergo against Chris. We ran to the ticket booth and got there just in time (we thought) to catch the 5:50 train. 

  • The 5:50 train and the 7:30 train were sold out. Only the 8:30 train, the last of the night, was available. Side note: WHY DIDN'T WE CALL AHEAD OR ORDER TICKETS ONLINE?! 

  • By this point Colin was beyond excited about this train so I personally was NOT going home without riding the train.

  • I suggested that we just "hang out" with all four kids, while we wait (almost 2 1/2 hours). 

  • Chris suggested I was crazy. He was right. It was cold, starting to drizzle (why does it always rain whenever we attempt to take the babies out lately?) and our double stroller wasn't fitting through the door frames in the late 19th century quaint village.

  • Chris drove the babies home (just to re-cap, so they basically got ready, were driven 30 minutes, were unloaded from the mini-van, were carried/ pushed around briefly in the cold and rain for a few minutes, and were then loaded backup and driven home!) The babies were actually great sports about it. They are such good babies. Life with these boys keeps reminding me to go with the flow. You gotta be able to adapt a plan that isn't working on the fly and not harbor any disappointment.

  • Colin, my mom and I stayed and passed the time by walking around the small town in the cold rain and riding the merry go round (the fastest I've EVER seen, seriously) 

The fastest merry go round EVER

Watching and waiting for our turn

Gramma and Colin, passing the time

  • When Chris got home, he stayed with the babies and my Dad drove back to join us for the train ride and drive us home after.
  •  As we stood on the platform and waited for the train to approach, under my breath I said, "This better be good."
  • IT WAS!!!!!!!!!

On the train, waiting to go

  • Colin LOVED it! I've never seen him let loose like this. Singing along to the carols, dancing, hugging, smiling, telling us "Merry Christmas", and pointing out the window to the lights. It brought us such joy to watch him.

  • My personal favorite memory is when he slung his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into a back and forth sway to the music. Then he turned my face to his and gave me a big kiss. I mean seriously, does it get any better?

  • For me, one of the best things about being a parent is getting to experience these sorts of things all over again, through the eyes of your child. Pure magic.


Kathleen said...

I love this story! I so admire how your entire family rallied behind you guys to make this happen for Colin. I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas with your little guys!

Mom to one, three on the way! said...

Thanks! They really did! We had a lovely x-mas. I hope you all did too! And I agree with you, watching a two year old on Christmas morning might just be the epitome of joy!