Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Grassroots Christmas Program

Our church puts on a grassroots Christmas program, which shares the Christmas story in a relaxed way,  no dress rehearsals :) All the children are encouraged to come dressed as any nativity character they want and then they have the chance to participate as the story is told. 

I thought it sounded lovely... but the thought of coming up with five homemade costumes.... seemed daunting! You know those moms who can sew and whip up stuff like Halloween costumes? Yeah.... that's not me! People who can sew amaze me though!

But we did our best! On Saturday Finn, Colin and I headed over to Joanne fabrics, gathered up our materials and spent the rest of the afternoon with all the boys, assembling the costumes.   

and BOOM! We did it! We were there, we were on time (barely but it counts! ha!), and the boys were in costume! It was no easy feat, but worth it because the night was so fun!

The boys knew exactly what/ who they wanted to be. Colin was the star, Everett was an angel, Carter was Mary, and Finn was a shepperd. Owen was supposed to be his sheep, but refused to wear the costume. If anyone is looking for a toddler sized t-shirt with cotton balls glue gunned everywhere on it, let me know. 

Everett and Colin. 

 Owen, very happy to eat cookies, get chocolate everywhere and watch! Just don't ask him to put on a sheep costume.  

Carter, listening carefully. 

Finn. The poor kid must have asked me ten times to fix the fabric around his head. 

Trust me though, the boys were having more fun than their faces show in these pictures! They were just getting into character....

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KatieandEllis Carson said...

Carter makes a very convincing Mary:)
The last picture of Finn made me laugh out loud! They are so cute!