Monday, December 16, 2013

All Aboard the Christmas Train!

This past Saturday night we went to Flint, MI to ride the Christmas train. It was Carter, Finley and Everett's first time, but for Colin, it was his third time. Colin had talked it up quite a bit to his brothers and it did not disappoint!

Carter and my Mom
We all loved watching the wonder and excitement on their faces as they took in all the lights and the overall experience. 

When the train passed Santa (standing out in the snow and the cold waving to all the boys and girls going by!) our boys pressed their faces against the windows, waved and blew kisses excitedly. Again, the wonder, the excitement and the awe times four..... pretty sweet.

Finn, Carter, Colin, Everett (Owen stayed home- too cold for him)
In other news, would you believe that as of yesterday I had not one single present purchased? Believe it! I think part of the reason I've taken my procrastination to a whole new level this year, is that I'm finding it challenging as I shop for gifts for triplets. They're the same age obviously, the same gender and are all interested in the same things (I really have four boys interested in the same things). I've contemplated buying four of one item but that gets expensive, buying different things for different boys (but they're ALL interested in the same things), buying toys to share (but they have to share A LOT already), or doing a combination of the above. It's feeling trickier this year than in years past. 

In the end we decided to buy one really big gift- something that they haven't even thought to ask for but that we think (hope!) they will love. We ordered it today and I already can't wait to give it to them!!!

Then we'll get a few less expensive toys (i.e. grabbers, play-doh hair cut sets, superman shirts with capes....) that they will all have their own of. I've learned that it's important they each have some things that are only theirs. For example, about a month ago I got them all pencil boxes to hold their own set of crayons, glue and scissors. They LOVE having their own box with their name on it. 

I also haven't even ordered our Christmas cards yet. I'm thinking they may turn into "Happy New Year" cards! OR "Happy Valentines Day".... kidding..... I hope it doesn't get to that point!!

I refuse to stress about this stuff too much though. Because it is only "stuff". 

Btw, got a good laugh remembering the first time we went on the Christmas train. Ahhh, memories!

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