Thursday, February 28, 2013

Grateful in the midst of busy days

In the busyness of life this past week, I didn't even realize that the original date I went into labor with the triplets had come and gone. Yet I still think about that night. Frequently. Last year I wrote about it here. That night was so scary for us and physically painful- for one, the medicine they gave me made my skin feel on fire, and yet those meds worked. By the grace of God, our triplets weren't born that night and held on five more weeks even.

never thought I'd say this, but there's something about that period of time when I was on hospital bed rest and then home bed rest that I miss. Life slowed wayyyyyy down and everything that mattered was so crystal clear. My only to-do list each day was to spend time with Colin and try and keep the triplets in another day. I spent a lot of time with my family, who brought home cooked meals to the hospital almost every night. We'd sit and talk for hours and they'd encourage me. Chris would rub my back each night as I tried to get comfortable. Sometimes Chris would stay overnight and we'd watch the city lights, always commenting on how the hospital room had arguably one of the best views in the city, like a trendy hotel that we'd never afford, and yet there we were. Amidst a very uncertain time, there was so much love and beautiful memories were made.

What I remember most about that time though was how painful it was to be apart from Colin. He'd come to visit each day but my heart just ached to be home with him. The other thing I remember is how our families and friends immediately stepped up to fill in however needed. Warm meals, caring for Colin, just being there. 

Life is so busy lately. We're fighting colds, constantly making runs to the grocery store, making meals, playing, tripping over toys, cleaning up toys, kissing boo- boos, washing cloth diapers, negotiating fights over toys, planning a four year old birthday..... sometimes it's hard to slow down, and yet in the midst of all this I acknowledge that my children are healthy (okay, not right now per se.... they all have this darn cold!) but they are healthy. They are happy. I don't take this for granted. Just last week, I heard about triplets near my hometown born very early and one didn't survive. My heart absolutely breaks for that family.

Our triplets have come so far since their birth day.

For one, they are such little talkers now! It always amazes me how fast language starts to expand and before you know it new words are exploding everyday. Yesterday, Finn ran up to me as I was sneaking a granola bar for myself and announced, "Mommy, I'm hungry!" I thought to myself, "Since when are you talking in sentences?!?"

They're really not babies anymore and yet when I'm holding them, my mind still often wanders to those afternoons in the nicu, holding them against my chest, skin to skin, rocking to the hum of the monitors and praying that they'd be okay. Longing to just to take them home.

And now they're almost two. How blessed we are to experience this next developmental phase with them. They are full of energy, mischief, ideas they want to express and an emerging desire for independence. It's not always easy to navigate but I give such thanks for all of it!

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Karen said...

I can't believe the boys will be two so soon! Laina is reminding us daily that she is for sure two now :)