Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Thank you Mr. tree cutting man....

for keeping my boys entertained for an entire afternoon!

Sometime just after nap, a truck pulled up across the street, a man jumped out, set up a bunch of orange cones and from that point forward my boys were hooked!

What was all this excitement going on across the street??

Turns out this man was trimming the huge oak trees across the street. The whole process took a few hours and many machines, saws and other gadgets. It was all VERY exciting (to my boys)!

Colin even ran to get his camera at one point.

Little does this man know how much easier he made my life that afternoon, by entertaining my boys. I even had a chance to prep dinner! When he finally packed up his supplies and left, I wanted to run after him asking if he could please come back tomorrow.

*** Tomorrow I'll share pictures from Colin's birthday! We had such a great weekend celebrating with our families!

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