Monday, February 25, 2013


Since having triplets, people often ask, "What's the hardest part about having triplets?" I never really have an answer because honestly many of the things that I thought would be hard aren't and then other stuff that I didn't even think about is hard.

In any case, I may finally have an answer to this question!

The hardest part might just very well be when they all get sick at once! (Or at least that would be my answer today)

Olive keeps Carter company as he naps
We have seemed to catch everything going around this winter, from the flu to colds. It's been a long winter in that respect. I'm SO ready for spring!!!!!

Actually, I don't think the boys necessarily catch more illnesses than the average kiddos, but they seem to spread the colds/ flu to each other like crazy. Maybe it's because they share everything?

This most recent bought of illness has been a nasty cold..... we haven't left the house in over a week except for a doctor visit. I've only left to run out for groceries and Kleenex. We're feeling a little stir crazy! They've all had fevers, some vomiting, runny noses, a horrible cough and disrupted sleep.... this is hard to manage with one toddler but when all three are going through it at once and miserable, ahhhh, it's so hard. I feel so bad for them :(

Tonight, we skipped bath and instead lined them up, dressed them in their p.js and then went down the line with the thermometer followed by Tylenol.

I hope my little guys feel better soon!

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