Sunday, April 3, 2011

They're here!

The boys arrived on Tuesday, March 29!!!

Welcome to this world,

Carter Paige, 4 lbs, 8 oz
Everett Owen 5 lbs, 3 oz
Finley Joseph 5 lbs, 1 oz

Since their arrival it's been a whirlwind of holding, feeding, recovering and trying to catch some zzzz's but in a nutshell this is how it all went down last Tuesday:

My water broke at 10:30 a.m, Chris came home, picked me up and we headed to the hospital. On the drive there, we both commented on what an absolutely beautiful Chicago day it was. A great day to be born.

I got to head directly up to labor and delivery, had just a few intense contractions before the epidural guy showed up, then hung out for a short period of time before the doctor checked me and said that I was ready to push.

It was all happening SO fast, it was almost hard to believe.

Given that this was a triplet delivery, they had me deliver in the operating room just in case they had to quickly perform a c-section.

Before heading into the operating room, Dr. Peaceman reinforced that there were already upwards of about 30 people ready and waiting for us. Previously, Chris and I had shared with Dr. Peaceman that we were concerned about so many people taking part in the delivery. We view the birth of our children as such a sacred experience and worried that it would become some sort of gawk fest or circus with sooo many people watching. However, Dr. Peaceman said that everybody in the room would have a job and just before we headed in he joked that he'd be working "crowd control". That made me laugh.

Once we got into the delivery room and I saw all the people, instruments and lights I became a little scared.

Would I really be able to do this???

But there wasn't even time to ponder that question because I'd hardly moved to the bed when I could feel Carter already on his way out. After about 10 minutes of pushing, out came my little man.

I love how he's stretching out his arms in this photo as if to say, "Finally, I have some room!"

Just 4 minutes after than, Everett made his appearance, and then 3 minutes later, my little Finn.

One of my worries about the delivery, all the people involved, ended up being one of the coolest aspects. The energy in the room was incredible. Every single person was rooting for me, encouraging me and then telling me how beautifully healthy my babies were. And everyone was so sincerely thrilled for us and how seamlessly the birth had gone.

As they wheeled me back to recovery, I overheard one of the Doctors say to the other, "That is why I love being an OB!"

And this is why I love being a woman and a mother:

 Getting a bit nervous....

 Proud mama!

Meeting the last one out, little Finn

I just love these pictures of Chris holding Carter and Finn for the first time

Just after delivery, and I must say, feeling a bit like super woman :)

The boys headed up to the NICU for monitoring, where they're still at today.

They're doing fantastic.

** Update: A lot of people are shocked when they learn I had a vaginal triplet birth. They wonder if it's too risky or how that's even possible. What I'd say about it is that I had a wonderful and highly competent team of doctors and nurses who I trusted fully and who recommended striving for a natural birth. They are the best of the best in my very biased opinion! The atmosphere in the delivery room was calm, serene, positive and also highly organized. Every person had a job and did their job well. I knew ahead of time that there was a chance one or two of my babies could be delivered vaginally and the other(s) via c-section. I had full confidence in my Doctor's and really wanted to go for it. 

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Bells said...

how amazing that you were able to have a natural delivery with triplets! and how funny that two of your TRIPLETS were born at pretty much the same weight as my SINGLETON at around the same gestation! you do grow nice big babies!! :-) and they've grown up so gorgeous (i've been stalking :p). my son is nearly 5 months now and i'm enjoying every second but am so looking forward to when he's their sort of age!

anyway just a little note to say i'm reading :-) x