Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pre-Easter Fun!

Our lives have been so busy lately and when life gets extra busy, some of the first things to go are planning extra crafts and related activities around the holidays. Just getting everyone dressed and to Church on time on Easter would be considered a win for us! 

But I can always count on my mom to make the holidays extra special and our most recent visit was no exception. 

During our visit, my mom shared that she had all the goodies for an Easter egg hunt, dying Easter eggs, and even arranging an early visit from the Easter bunny, so long as I was fine with that. 

Ummmm, YES, I was more than fine with that! My life just got a 100 times easier because I didn't have to plan any of those things! 

First up was the Easter egg hunt.

Ready, set, GO!
The boys had SO MUCH FUN! Watching the boys run around the yard finding eggs brought us all such joy.

Next up was dyeing Easter eggs which I'm pretty sure I've never done with the boys. They LOVED this activity and were so proud of their creations!

There was even bunny bread from Great Harvest to snack on. :-)

Lastly, the Easter bunny paid an early visit, hiding baskets filled with special items picked out for each boy. There was even a basket for Chris and I. Ha!

Finn, investigating his loot
I'm pretty sure the thought bubble above Colin's head in the picture below would be something like, "Thank you God for grandparents!"

Because they make life so extra special!

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