Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Easter!

At first Colin didn't want to be in this picture which was fine. Then he changed his mind and not only wanted to be in the picture but wanted Carter's seat. Colin went right up to Carter's face and demanded, "Move!". I was just happy that he used his words and didn't try and move Carter himself so we honored his request and rearranged.

Thanks to my mom, Colin had eggs filled with jelly beans to search for, each boy had a beautiful Easter basket filled with goodies, and we all had a yummy Easter brunch.

Chris, Colin, one of the babies and I even made it to church. Chris pushed Colin in the stroller and I carried the baby in a Moby wrap. We kept commenting how strange it already felt to have only two kids with us. However, taking all the trips would have been CRAZY. Plus, it's nice to have some one on one time with each baby. How did I decide who to take? Whoever I hadn't held as much that particular morning. 

I felt great that we managed to get everybody dressed, made it to church- ON TIME, and even got some family pictures. Right after this picture, I took a quick bathroom break, while mentally patting myself on the back for all our small achievements that morning.

 And then without thinking, I proceeded to drop my i phone in the toilet and flush it. Flushed my i phone down the toilet!! Awesome. All my pride for being so organized that morning was completely deflated.

It was the third phone I've either lost or managed to destroy and yet another moment as a mom when I thought, "This probably doesn't happen to Angelina Jolie"

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