Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy Easter!

Better late than never :-)

 Speaking of better late than never, this morning I found a stack of Christmas cards, all addressed and ready to be sent. Obviously they never made it to their destinations. Apologies if you wondered why you never received a card from us! I was thinking maybe I should just send them and act like sending Christmas cards in April is totally normal.


Boys, we had a lovely Easter but it came right on the heals of Everett, Finn and Carter's birthday and at the end of "the birthday month". The fact that you all plus your Daddy have March birthdays is super fun and super exhausting by the end of the month!

A few days before Easter, I realized that I hadn't done any planning for Easter outside of "we'll go to church". Mom-mom however, had it all under control! She offered to make Easter dinner and when I said, "Yes please!" she brought all the fixings for it. She also brought all the Easter baskets, fillers and eggs for a hunt if we wanted. Oh and she also gifted you guys the shirts that you're wearing in all the birthday pictures in this post, this post and now this Easter post. hahaha! They were such a blessing because I hadn't given any thought to what you'd wear for the birthday party. You wore them three days in a row and miraculously, no one spilled on them!

Silly Easter bunny hid your basket in the oven, Colin. You thought that was too funny.


And there was a little basket for el cinco too. So sweet!

Uncle G and Cooper were there too!

Egg hunt! (in your winter coats..grrrrr....so over this weather)

Everett and Carter
Finn and Everett
Finn, you were only interested in figuring out if there was candy inside the eggs. Sadly, there was not.

So that was Easter, which capped over a busy yet wonderful birthday month! 

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