Monday, July 1, 2013

Love me a garden

Remember this post from back in April?

When our new garden looked like this?

And here, when we made a little progress with the planters?

Our garden last year was in the back corner of the backyard. It was our first time planting a garden in a yard (instead of on our roof deck in the city) and we made some rookie mistakes.

This year we decided to build a bigger garden right up next to the deck and house. This way, we'd have super easy access to it.

Today, our garden looks like this:

I know many people out there have green thumbs and enjoy tending a garden. I do not have a green thumb. At all! But I do love eating fresh vegetables and fruit from it each day as well as storing up food for the winter.

I LOVE being able to go right outside each day and pick lettuce for our salads and kale for our smoothies. My boys cannot get enough of kale smoothies.

In case you're interested, I usually make them like this:

Kale (de-stemmed)
Plain yogurt (vanilla is also good but we avoid yogurt with flavoring around here)
Homemade almond milk or regular milk
Bananas (frozen or regular)
Peanut butter
Flax seed

I modify the amounts of each ingredient based on whatever we have on hand and what ratios seem to make it taste good. I'm not a big measuring person when it comes to cooking.... which is why I'm terrible at baking!

They gobble that up like it's green ice cream! For a while my picky eater wouldn't eat any vegetables, but he'd eat almost anything in a smoothie so this has been golden!

Our little worker bees love to tend to the garden. We've had to work on not overwatering. Having a garden has also been a great opportunity to further discuss food an where it comes from. Just today, Colin said that he would plant me some garden burgers (a favorite of mine) if I wanted, which was so sweet... but obviously shows that we're still working on understanding what all can grow in a garden.

Ah but if only garden burgers could grow in a garden, it would save me some prep and cooking time!!!

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