Friday, June 15, 2012

The start of something great?

I hope so!

We started a garden.

After days of watching the sun hit the yard to see which areas got the most sun and then factoring this in with where made most sense to plant a garden, we picked a spot. Back corner of the yard. Then I realized that you can see it from our dining room table where we eat all of our meals (so far, we've opted out of having a table in the kitchen simply because we need more kid space!). One area/ room for eating is enough for us right now. The window pretty much exactly frames the garden space.

I kind of love the fact that as we eat, we can look out onto the garden. And I hope eventually, a lot of our veggies can come from there.

The only possible thing that could thwart this plan is that I do not at all have a green thumb! But my mother in law is a fantastic gardener. I'm not sure that I'd have the courage to start up a garden if I didn't know that I'd have her to consult with and get some hands on tending from.

So here we go!

Breaking ground
Tilling it... or something like that
Everett and I supervised
 Colin and I picked up a whole bunch of veggies at the farmers market and voila!

Our own little garden.

Let's see if I can keep these veggies alive.

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