Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Our weekend was pretty good. Saturday, as predicted, was beautiful! The first thing I did on Saturday morning was grab a cup of coffee and run around opening all the windows. Finally, we could open the windows and feel the wonderful warm breeze. It was delightful...

That is until all four of our darling children started melting down for various reasons. All at once. Screaming, hollering, falling to the floor dramatically and crying. The timing was almost comical except that it wasn't. I was just sure you could hear them all over the neighborhood.

So I ran around closing all the windows again. Ha! Perhaps we'll stick with central air this summer.

Finally we got outside and they calmed down. Fresh air is a beautiful thing.

We worked a lot on the garden which is coming along. Chris was able to get the garden beds completed. No more dirt pile! Yay!

Next up, we need to build a fence to go around it, put mulch or something along the paths and of course plant the seeds. I love to build a vertical lettuce garden out of gutters up the side of the house, but that may be pushing it this year. We'll see.

The absolute highlight of my weekend though was when Chris decided to mow the lawn.

"Okay, I'll watch the kids in the yard while you mow" I'd said.

Chris started up the mower and this apparently cued our boys to SPRINT to their lawnmowers. They  raced as fast as they could to get a mower and then fell in line behind Chris. I was laughing so hard because it was so darn cute.

"Seriously, what does it feel like to be such a rockstar in their eyes?!?" I asked Chris.

Our boys love to be like daddy! He does all the "cool" stuff. I mean, I only carried them, birthed them, and keep them fed all day long with as much home cooked food as I can make.... but that's all boring stuff.


It's all good. Besides, apparently no one is as good at kissing "boo-boos" and "owies" as Mommy. That's my turf.

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Ella Ralph said...

That is beyond adorable! Will have to get my little one a lawn mower I think! X