Friday, April 26, 2013

Building our Garden

Today was by far the nicest day we've had in a long time! It was beautiful here in West Michigan! Spring FINALLY seems to be arriving. For real this time.

Now that we've had a chance to venture out into our yard with this lovely weather, we see that clearly it needs some work (that would be an understatement!). 

There's a lot we'd love to do outside the home. While we'd love to change/ update the color of the house.... that's not in the cards. At least not for many years. We'll have to make the peachy color work.

In the short term though, we'd like to expand the deck, power wash the deck and house, paint the deck, build a new garden closer to the house, and plant some flowers around the house. 

First up is getting the garden built. Since I'll be having a baby in about 6 weeks (what?!), I told Chris that I'd be fine not building a garden this year and instead just shopping at our local farmers market but Chris really wanted a garden. Colin did too. Those two.... two peas in a pod I tell ya. So- it's their project. They created the garden plan together and have been slowly working in it. By that I mean, moving the dirt, picking up the lumber, and planting seeds indoors. It's just been too cold and rainy to do much work outside.

The garden area currently looks like this:


Hopefully by the end of this weekend, that dirt pile is looking more like a garden. I'm pretty optimistic because the weather is supposed to be beautiful. Which means, you can bank on us being outside all. day. long. 

Tonight, Chris started building the raised garden beds. He had A LOT of help :-)

I'm not sure how Chris gets anything under those conditions (having so many "helpers") but he is so patient, always teaching them.

Belly photobomb!

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