Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scenes from the 9th Floor- Friday Night!

My whole family came in to keep me company- and feed me pizza which is always good for the soul. 
What a boost they gave us!

The boys get their heartbeats monitored twice a day, and they are doing great! As for me, I'm still having occasional contractions, some stronger than others, but they say that's to be expected from here on out. I finished the series of pills which can help stop contractions, and the plan is that if I go into labor again, they will deliver the boys. Could be today, could be next week, or- dare we hope- could be still a few weeks out. Chris has been staying with me at the hospital every single night. At this point, he probably doesn't need to and I'm sure he'd get a better nights sleep at home, but looking over and seeing him here helps me to relax, and feel safe and secure. 

Our spirits are really good. Going into preterm labor at 29 weeks certainly wasn't in our ideal plan, but I'm realizing more and more that with a triplet pregnancy, this is very common. We just need to adjust and move forward with optimism. Having the awesome support of family and friends makes that so much easier!

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