Friday, January 14, 2011

An ultrasound and a walk down memory lane

Today I headed over to the hospital for yet another ultrasound followed by a check in with my doctor. I love the opportunity to see my boys on the big screen, however, these ultrasounds can often take a long time (our longest was almost 3 hours!). I'm learning that getting the right pictures of triplets can often be tricky, especially if they move a lot, as mine seem to. Or at least they move a lot during ultrasound time!

So.... 6 weeks ago, the ultrasound took 3 hours because the boys were moving and squirming and the technician couldn't get all the necessary pictures of the heart. So we were told to come back again in two weeks. We did.... had another long ultrasound..... and still they couldn't seem to get the right pictures. So yesterday, the doctor sent me over to get a more specialized ultrasound by a pediatric cardiologist. This made me slightly nervous. We have no history of pediatric heart disease in our family, but of course, you never know. Anyway, the boys hearts look fantastic, completely normal!

What was cracking me up during the whole process though was how the Doctor couldn't keep track of who was who. She'd scan one and then move to the next but constantly second guess herself. "Wait, is this baby A or baby B? Did I already scan this baby? Oh shoot, I can't keep track". She'd even start talking to them, "Please be still, just for a minute...oh shoot.... he moved!" My boys...... already so cooperative :)

The other thing that cracked me up/ freaked me out is that as I'd be watching one baby get scanned on the screen, I'd suddenly see a foot out of nowhere come into the picture and kick the baby. I wanted to say, "Hey! Be nice to your brother!" It's like they're already rough housing in utero! I know that they're just trying to find space but still, funny to imagine brothers already pushing and shoving each other before they're even born. Boys!

This specialized ultrasound was done at Prentice, the women's hospital which is part of Northwestern. It was the first time I'd been back there since Colin was born. Walking in, I passed the area where the new moms wait with their ity bity babies while the dads go get the car and pull around. They all look so tired, excited, cautious and a little scared. Just how I remember feeling. I also passed the area where the dads valet their car and scurry in with their wives in labor. It took me back to that cold, dark, late night arrival for us. The night that we got to finally meet Colin. I could feel myself getting emotional just seeing these sights and remembering our own journey. I think giving birth is the most magical experience and I'm so blessed to be able to have it. Yes it hurts, yes it's hard but it's also so amazing. I can't wait to experience the birthing process with these boys too.

Labor starting with Colin

 His arrival!

Heading home :)

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