Sunday, January 9, 2011

Triplet and Quad strollers, oh my!

Today was a great day. Chris, Colin and I spent the afternoon driving out to the Chicago suburbs to visit two triplet families who offered to sell a triplet stroller frame, and a valco stroller. Let me tell you, buying used stuff from other families is definitely the way to go if you're expecting multiples! I think the stroller frame will be great for bringing the babies home from the hospital and taking them to doctor appointment etc. The Valco I got because, for those of you unfamiliar with this sweet ride, it can accommodate 4 kids but yet it's not too bulky. It's basically a very sturdy double stroller with an extra seat attached to the front and yet another "jump seat" hanging off the back. I laugh every time I picture walking down the street, and pushing a stroller with four boys hanging all over it.

Testing out these strollers at the families homes today, and then watching Chris load them into the car as ours, was surreal. This is really happening!

After our purchases, we were feeling so excited that we decided to go out to dinner, the three of us, to celebrate. Even though Colin is too young to understand what's happening, it still feels like it's the three of us, together, preparing for the babies. We're such a great team, the three of us. As excited as I am for the babies to arrive, I'm enjoying soaking up as much quality time, just the three of us, before they arrive.

As a side note to Colin: You just get cuter and cuter. Your Dad and I can't put into words what a joy and a privilege it is to be your parents. We talk about about it all the time. Never forget that.

Colin- 22 months old last Tuesday
Me- 23 weeks today!

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