Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snowmageddon 2014

and it just keeps snowing!!! I wish it was at least warm enough to go outside and play in all this snow but it's crazy cold! The boys have been out for short periods but it's seriously freezing out there! Last night at dinner, Colin announced that he's pretty sure it's going to snow forever. On the upside,  Colin thinks Santa Claus will probably move here because it's like the North Pole now.

It's kind of weird how life has sort of been at a stand still this last week. There has been no school, cancelled appointments, and few outings. We've mostly just been sitting inside watching the snow fall.... and trying to pass the time. Sometimes we see a big snow plow go by (VERY exciting for the boys) and once we saw people skiing down the middle of the road. In a way it's been nice and in another way, the boys are climbing the walls and the days have felt very long!

View from our front porch

When it gets warm enough, the pile off our back deck is going to make a great sledding hill!!

I took the following pictures last evening because I thought the snow might show up better at dusk.... but really the pics just look a little darker. :)

See you in the spring, digger.

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