Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter Wonderland

So yesterday school was cancelled AGAIN. It was deemed too cold around here. And it was, it was COLD. However, the afternoon also ended up being sunny with bright blue skies. For so many days it's been so cloudy, snowy and grey that seeing bright blue sky and rays of sun beaming through the windows felt almost spring-like. I know that's weird to say "spring-like" on a cold winter snow day but it kinda was. The temperature got up to a whopping 19 degrees and so I ended up taking the boys outside.

So here's the thing. I am not a cold weather girl. I used to enjoy skiing and I do enjoy the look of a snowy day (heck I even chose to get married in December) but the older I get, the less I tolerate cold well. And it's so much work to get four (or five) kids suited up to go outside. Truthfully, Chris is more often the parent that takes the boys outside to built snow forts, snowmen and shovel the driveway. But yesterday, I took them out. And what do you know?.... It was SO much fun.

The snow was deep and beautiful and fluffy. We kept falling back into the snow like it was a snow ball-pit and then staring up at the blue sunny sky. We made snow angels and went sledding off the hills piled high from shoveling. It was truly a winter wonderland.

We stayed out a long time, way longer than planned. But eventually snow leaked into gloves and boots, kids got cold and with that the fun was over.

But while it lasted? Man, that was FUN.


Colin and Carter

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