Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Colin!

Colin turned four years old on Monday. 
We had such a wonderful time celebrating our little man. 
Though he and I had gone out hunting for party decorations, nothing seemed to quite fit his interests. 
Luckily, I found a few items on Etsy that totally fit our hard working four year old who's top three requested presents this year were a jackhammer ("to dig up the backyard"), a nail gun and a sander! 

We went with a "Tool Time" theme.

I found these cup cake toppers here. Aren't they cute??

Yup, I'm aware there's one cupcake missing.... pregnant lady's got do what pregnant lady's gotta do.... I have no control over when these cravings hit :)

We waited until the trips woke up from nap to start the party. This picture cracks me up because you can tell that they are still waking up. In fact, they awoke to a house filled with relatives and I think they were still trying to figure out what was going on.

Carter, Finn, Everett, Colin
When asked what he wanted for his birthday lunch, Colin said pancakes, so we went with a brunch theme. Pancakes, granola, yogurt and fruit salad... yummmm.

Present time!

This digger for the sandbox was a favorite. 

Make a wish!

On his actual birthday, we decided to take the boys to Chuck E. Cheese. I hadn't been there since I was a kid myself! The boys loved it! They had such a blast playing games, riding rides and just enjoying the chaos that is Chuck E Cheese.

And we even got to meet Chuck E Cheese himself.


Colin will tell you that he has three workshops in our house. One is in the playroom (which looks like this kitchen we gave him two years ago.... but apparently it's actually a workshop), another in his bedroom, and yet another is in the backyard. He fixes books, makes toys, whittles down chalk and builds complex saws. He makes and fixes all sorts of things. He's always designing and redesigning his workshops as well. Some days it's exhausting (for me, not him) but he loves it. He loves to "work" and his imagination is never ending. 

He's kind, creative, thoughtful and funny. He is shy. He calls his brothers his, "very best friends".

Four years ago he made me a mother and life has never been the same, in the most wonderful way.

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