Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow Day

Today was a snow day. I woke up early with the boys and we marveled at all the now. Yes I'm using the word marveled. It was just beautiful!

All of the local schools were closed however, this doesn't affect us much as Colin is the only one in school and he only goes three days a week. At first we thought it was too cold to even go outside but by afternoon the boys were stir crazy, so out they went! It was very sunny and it took a lot of work to move through the snow so they warmed up quickly. Some lasted longer than others but I think they all had fun. There was so much snow! Just TONS!

The boys dug a tunnel through a huge pile of snow. They were so proud!

In other news, Owen is getting very close to crawling! Every day he gets a little closer.... 

The other night Colin happened to pick out the same pajamas that unbeknownst to him we'd already dressed Owen in too. They were new for Owen (size 12 mo!) and it was fun to watch how excited Colin got that they were dressed the same. 

I haven't been consistent about blogging lately.... and I hope to get better about that.... but I assure you, life is good.

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