Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Our Halloween was a blast!
Colin helped us decorate the house while his brothers napped and he took it very seriously! He even got scissors out to trim some of the spider webs. He knew exactly how he wanted his to look! 

He also took some of the eyeballs we'd purchased and put them around the house to scare people.

Like on the front door knob:

Four year olds crack me up. :)

We started our party off with some pumpkin carving. 

Shortly after, my parents arrived for the festivities. They showed up looking like this:

Hahaha, the boys loved it!
As a side note, my Dad wore a version of his costume to his chemotherapy that morning which I just love. Take THAT cancer!

Then, it was party time! 

My mom brought these yummy snacks which the boys loved! Carter wouldn't even wait for me to take this picture before grabbing one.

Then, it was time for trick or treating! This year the boys all wanted to be the same thing. (Owen didn't get a vote)

So, introducing our very own fire department!

Everett, Finn, Carter, Owen and Colin
 Whenever I take pictures of the boys, I snap the camera at lighting speed praying to catch just ONE picture where they're all semi looking at the camera and have their eyes open.

 As I was snapping pictures I noticed that the boys kept progressively bending down around Owen. We didn't ask them to do so but it makes me smile.

Know this always Owen, you are loved by your big brothers!!

After pictures, it was time to hop into their fire truck (aka, the choo choo wagon with flashing lights)

The littlest fireman got pretty tuckered out from all the excitement though and came home from trick or treating earlier than the rest of the crew.

It was truly such a fun night! The boys ate WAY too much candy though! With four boys eating candy, we found it hard to keep track of who had eaten what and how much. They seemed to sense this and took full advantage!!!

Even this morning, Everett got up and came downstairs (himself since they can all climb out of their cribs... grrrrrr) WITH AN ARMFUL OF CANDY!

"Where did you get that?!" I asked, fairly certain I'd hidden the candy well.

Turns out he'd stashed some of his loot under his bed! 
Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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