Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Dr. Seuss Halloween!

I introduce you to The Cat in the Hat and Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3!

The "Things", left to right, Carter, Everett and Finn

This is my favorite picture from the day, capturing a "keepin' it real" moment between brothers! 

Couldn't resist
My mom sent the book, "The Cat in the Hat" last week so that we could read it to Colin each night in preparation for Halloween. She's always thinking like that....

Turns out it was a great idea because by the end of the week, he was very excited to be the Cat in the Hat.
I'd also forgotten what a great book it is! 

Miss Olive
Taz, looking thrilled.
Even the dogs got into it! 
Okay so we made them :-) But I'm pretty sure they were happy to be a part of the group and sniffing around the neighborhood. 

The crew, off to score some loot!

Babies outfits found here
Colin's hat is just like this one, although for some strange reason I can't find the original seller
Colin's costume we got off Amazon, found here
The dog's costumes found here, Olive size small, Taz size extra large :-)

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