Thursday, November 7, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness

I see people doing this "30 days of thankfulness" thing on facebook and I kinda like it. I think it's a good idea.

So I'm going to jump in too! Here on my blog. For the month of November I'm going to share something that I'm thankful for each day. I'm hoping that this will help me get back into the routine of blogging because I'm been a very bad blogger as of late!

****and cue Owen waking up***  (See! This is an example of why I'm having trouble finding time to blog lately..... something or usually someone needs my attention elsewhere. And lets face it, if the choice is blog vs. hang out my cute baby... I'll hang with my cute baby any night!)

Okay, Owen is asleep again and I'm back!

The other reason I'd like to blog about thankfulness is that as I've mentioned before, focusing on all that we have to be grateful for, rather than what's challenging, is the biggest factor in "how we do it" day to day. There's always stuff to complain about or feel overwhelmed by but SO much more to be grateful for. A reminder of that each day will be good for me.

But I'm seven days late to this party.

So to get caught up, here are seven things that I'm grateful for today:

1. For Colin, in his self made super hero cape:

If you can't tell, he's SO proud of his creation!
Yes that's a target bag attached to one of my necklaces that Owen can chew on. Why do we even buy real toys??

2. For Everett, eating a banana while chillin' in Owen's play jumper.

3. For Carter, with his mustache band aid. He got a teeny little bump but had to have a band aid. Band aids seem to be the answer to everything these days!

4. For Finn, who cuddled with me in the rocker before his nap and out of the blue said, "Mommy, I love you". I thought my heart was going to melt all over that chair.

5. For Owen, who turned five months two weeks ago! I meant to post these pictures I took of him at five months but then never did :(

6. For Olive- The most kid friendly dog ever and the only other girl in this house! She's a tough little cookie!

7. For Chris- The glue of our family. Every day he's in the trenches with me. From the start he's always been so hands on with the boys, so patient, so present.

Tomorrow, day 8! Let's see if I can actually keep this up......

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