Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dentist time!

Yesterday morning the boys all went to the dentist. Colin had been before (when we lived in Chicago) but this was the triplets first time to the dentist. Once again I was reminded how each child is so different in how they react to various situations. Sometimes I can't quite predict who will be fine and who will have trouble. So many variables.

Colin went first and wanted to sit on my lap for the cleaning part. Though nervous, the hygienist went through each "tool" first and he thought that was way cool! 

By the time the dentists checked his teeth he was able to lay down in the chair.


When Everett's name was called, he marched right over and laid down on the chair, mouth wide open! The hygienists got such a kick out of him and couldn't stop laughing! I heard his hygienist say, 

"Everett, we'll recline the chair for you."

Finn did great too.... as long as he had his lovie with him!

 Carter however, was not having any of it! I tried and tried to help him be able to have his teeth cleaned but he was just too worried about it. I appreciated that the staff didn't want to push it. We'll try again next time! 

(He did briefly open his mouth for the Dentist to take a peak but that was it!)

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