Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Today was a good day.

Yesterday, ehhh... not so much. Yesterday was a day that ended with me wondering where the day had gone off track. I was impatient, rushed, tired, feeling about 12 months pregnant..... worried about the coming weeks instead of being present and trusting that the future will be okay. And all of that made me feel like a craptastic mommy by the end of the day. I'd not been the mommy I want to be to my boys. I crawled into bed determined that today would be better.

And it was.

Whenever I get too "in my head" with worries, to-do lists or my own agenda, that's when I find the day gets off track. However, when I focus on my boys, enjoying them for the curious, emotion filled, little dirt magnets that they are, and let the day unfold however it does, I find the day goes so much more smoothly. Which is not to say that there aren't other things that also need to get done, such as meals, laundry and errands, but when I consciously prioritize my children and let the other stuff just be "other, secondary, wayyyy less important stuff", that's when things in the world feel right. It seems so obvious. Why I let myself get offtrack some days and loose focus.... who knows?! I guess that's just part of being human. I'm always thankful for a new day though. A new opportunity to get a fresh start. 

This morning Everett, Colin and I held hands walking in to drop Colin off at preschool. He'll "graduate" from his first year of preschool in less than two weeks! At night before bed, Colin will often ask, "Is tomorrow a preschool day?" with hope and excitement, which was what we dreamed for him this year. We prayed that he would love going to school and he does. He's come so far from that first day!

We played in the yard and in the sandbox. Oh how my boys LOVE the sandbox Chris built for them. Carter got a splinter and briefly thought the world was ending. Each of the triplets paused from their digging to point out sounds like the birds chirping, a distant lawn mower, or a school bus driving by.... they're very into announcing to whomever is around that they hear something and know what it is!

My mom also came for the day, to help however needed. When the triplets napped, we washed and folded the newborn clothes, all of which are clothes that Colin and/or Everett, Carter and Finn once wore. It was a walk down memory lane. "Remember when the trips fit into these???" "Remember when Colin wore this???" we'd ask. People have made light hearted jokes about how our fifth boy will be stuck wearing mostly hand me downs, but personally I think it's pretty special.

Colin snoozing during the process :-)

She also helped me clean out all of my kitchen cupboards, something I've been wanting to do for awhile. Thanks to her, I feel much more ready for baby than I did yesterday!

Later we watched Colin play soccer. Colin continues to believe that you have to share the ball with the other team instead of trying to kick it away from the other team. Watching four year olds play soccer is quite entertaining! It started to rain just a bit and the trips were more than delighted to get to use the umbrella.

Afterward, my mom went home and Chris ran to the store to pick up a few things. Jordyn, who helps me during the day, had also long gone home. It was just me and my boys.

We ran around the yard (as best as I can run) and I helped them best as I could. Colin wanted to show me the machine he'd made, Carter wanted to climb, Finn wanted to sweep dirt off the edges, and Everett wanted to dig and fill a bucket. They all chatted about things important to them. Carter pointed out for the umpteenth time, his "boo boo" on his hand (where the splinter was) and we had to re-talk through what happened for the hundredth time. Today, I was happy to.

I watched them play a silly game where they'd run from the porch into the yard and then yell, "Oh no, it's raining! Get back to the porch." Well, that's what Colin would yell. The trips would yell something like, "Oh no! Raining! Oh no!" (it wasn't raining but that wasn't relevant to their game I suppose). Then they'd race back to the porch for cover.

All four of them were so in sync. Laughing, running, covered in sand, and being little boys.

I took it all in. And gave thanks for a wonderful day.

Do ya think they have enough sand toys??

37 weeks :-)

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