Thursday, September 13, 2012

First day of preschool!!

I want to share the end of the story first.... That Colin's first day of preschool was a huge success! After class, he ran into my arms wearing a huge smile and declaring, "Preschool is fun!"

I didn't tear up when we dropped him off that morning but I did in that moment because I knew my child had loved his first day of school. He was beaming. What more could I hope for?

Now let me rewind.

He was VERY nervous about going to school, separating from me, etc etc. Each night leading up to the first day, we read a social story I made him about school and what to expect. One page reads,

"When mommy says goodbye, Colin might cry or he might not. He knows however he feels is okay."

Each time we'd read that part, he'd say, "Oh no mommy, Colin WILL cry."

On the eve of school he was adamant:

"Okay, fine. I'll go to school but I WON'T play and I WON'T learn any letters!!"

We told him he didn't have to.

The morning of school, we woke up to find Colin in our bed (not an unusual occurrence). I sleepily but excitedly whispered to him, "Today is preschool day!"

"Ohhhhhh.......noooooooooooooooooo........." was his reply.

Before we left the house I said,  "Let's take a picture of you on your way to school!" Maybe he thought I'd said, "Let's take a picture of you on the way to jail...." 

Unhappy boy! :(

Yay! We have a smile!

Back to sad/ worried in the school parking lot....

When we said "goodbye" he cried hard. The teacher had to gently hold him back from running after us. Thankfully, we were confident that he was in great hands. His teacher is a pro and I could hear her lovingly supporting him with her words and arms. I'm so grateful that his teacher is so wonderful. She made all the difference and is the reason Colin ended up having such a positive experience.

After I'd picked him up and we were walking to the car, I noticed he had a little skip in his step. He seemed happy, probably a little relieved, and proud of himself.

And we found out, he even played :-)

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