Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Ahhhh, it feels so good to have our little secret out there! Now I can go back to blogging freely about the ins and outs of our days in which "el cinco" (as we often call this little guy), is already a large part of! 


Celebrating Valentine's Day with the boys was really fun. I've realized that in so many ways I am my mother's daughter and celebrate these holidays in the way that I remember her doing when I was a child. As kids, on Valentines Day, everything we ate for dinner was red and/ or pink. We thought it was very exciting to see what would be served! (On St. Patrick's Day, the food was always green except for the corn beef that she made for she and my dad). 

This year, we had pink pancakes, strawberries and red jello. Chris and the boys decorated the walls with hearts while I prepared the meal. It all felt really festive and fun.

Yummmm. We love these beet pancakes and they're a great way to sneak some veggies into a meal if you have a picky eater like I do. My picky eater goes wild for these pancakes and he's always asking me, "How do you get them to turn pink?!" Hee hee.... I tell him it's Mommy magic because if he ever knew that it was really beets blended up, he'd probably be appalled!

(Here's the recipe we use if you are interested).


In other news, Olive is cancer free!! We got word from the vet that her biopsy came back and the doctors are confident that they have removed all of the cancer. More than that, they are confident that they caught it before it spread anywhere else. 


Finn and Carter came to the vet with me for Olive's re-check. However, they were mostly interested in peeking out the window to watch all the different dogs and animals arriving for their check-ups.


We found a local Aquatics center and one day last week our nanny and I took the boys to the pool. The pool has one of those playground areas in the water and the boys really loved it. It was SO fun, although it was a little hard for me to relax. I felt like my head was always on a swivel counting kids! 1,2,3,4..... 1,2,3,4.....1,2,3,4.... 

We liked it so much though, that we took Chris back last Saturday afternoon. The whole drive there, Colin kept saying, "Daddy you are going to think this is the coolest thing ever!" You know what was the coolest thing ever? That night the triplets slept through the night for the first time in months. Months!! Maybe we should take them swimming every single afternoon :-)

I had a good laugh too, remembering how when Colin was just a baby, I wrote about how challenging it was for me to take him to swim lessons. I wrote about the swim lessons and how they nearly drove me crazy here and here. If only I knew then, that one day I'd be taking four boys to the pool! Last weekend, when Chris and I took the boys together, we each took two boys into the respective locker rooms. It felt so easy to just have two kids to dress/ undress..... and yes, I know that sounds crazy. It's all relative.

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