Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Swim drama- part 2

Oh boy. Where to begin.

Swim lessons are always an adventure. Between getting there, surviving the sub thermal pool temperatures and getting our wet selves dressed again, I nearly loose my mind.

We missed the past two lessons while visiting my parents in Michigan and truth be told, I was dreading returning today. But- we paid for the lessons and besides, I thought, we can't have many more left. In fact, last night, my husband even asked, "when do swim lessons end?"

"Not soon enough" I thought in my head. I know, what a bad mommy I am. But seriously, I'll sign little c up for swim lessons again, just not in the middle of a Chicago winter. And I'll wait until when he has a little more meat on his bones to protect him from the freezing water temps. Or, at least until we find him a full body scuba suit to keep him warm.

So, back to today.

I rush into the pool area and all the mom's and babies are still waiting to get in. We're early! Yes. Score one for mom. The only thing is, that I don't recognize any of the moms or their babies. Hmmm. "Am I here at the wrong time?" No, 10:30 is our time.

And then, just as the swim instructor was motioning us all into the pool, it hit me.

This is a whole new session of swim lessons begining. A whole new session that I didn't sign up for. Or pay for.

Oh God. What to do, what to do. The conversation in my head went like this:

Just raise your hand and ask, "Excuse me, is this perhaps a new session, because I was in the old session and just continued coming, and I'm not signed up. Guess I'll leave?" No that sounds nutty. You'll be the nutty mom. And the little man looks so excited.... Raise your hand and offer to pay for just one session because Lord knows we're not continuing this madness week to week. But YMCA doesn't do that. They don't let you just pay for one lesson. In fact the series of lessons fills up very fast. This is probably a full class! How would that work anyway if I suggested paying for just this one? They'll ask me to leave and I'll be embarrassed. C will be confused. We worked so hard to get here! I'll just stay. It's not that bad is it? I mean, I missed the last two sessions so...technically this could be a make up.... but if not, if they take roll and our name isn't on the list, then what?!? (I Picture of two lifegaurds ushering us out like heathen rule breakers)

I decide to risk it and slither into the water. My plan is to keep a low profile today and then never come back. But, of course, there's always that super friendly mom in the group and she has her eyes set on me. "What's your name?" she asks. "What's your babies name? Where do you live? Did you miss last week because I don't remember you."

Oh my God, this isn't even the first lesson! It's the second lesson of a whole new session. What is wrong with me? Seriously.

"We were out of town", I mumble and then casually slide over to another part of the pool, far away from the inquisitor.

Well, we made it through class undiscovered. They didn't haul us out in handcuffs.

And although I feel really bad about attending a class that we weren't signed up for, somehow it seems a fitting end to our swim lesson debacle.

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