Monday, February 18, 2013

The blessing I didn't see coming

Truth. I've been keeping a little secret off my blog for ...... well, 25 weeks to be exact. Outside of immediate family and a few close friends, few people know about this joy that has been gifted to us. For whatever reason, this time around, we've kept the news to ourselves. Until now that is :-)

I'm putting it out there!

I'm pregnant!

Yup, in a few months, when the snow melts and the flowers begin to bloom, when the days get warmer and longer, I will give birth to our fifth son.

And if you're out there keeping count.... that's five sons, in just over four years!

Five sons in four years. I still can hardly believe it.

I can't even think about cooking for five teenage boys or having five sons in college at the same time..... our grocery bill is already outrageous. In the short term we're trying to figure out how to fit a fifth car seat into our Honda Odyssey :-). I'm just going to continue to take this whole parenting thing one day at a time and pray that these brothers develop a tight bond that will last their lifetime. If that happens, Chris and I will feel we have been successful.

So remember last fall when I was so bad about blogging?? Well, it was because I spent the majority of the first trimester either trying not to puke or thinking about when I could sleep next. I'm feeling great now though. It's amazing how different carrying one baby feels as opposed to three. There's a lot less belly and fewer doctor visits!

Last weekend, Chris and I snuck away for a much needed date night. Before we left I snapped a few pictures, realizing that I'm already over half way through this pregnancy without many pictures of the growing bean.

So here he is!

Our fifth little man.

No doubt this baby is an amazing blessing and we are thrilled to welcome another child into our family. I can hardly wait to smell his newborn smell, hold him in my arms and glimpse his little features for the first time. But we were also surprised by this blessing, and with that surprise came needed time to process the news. After all we'd been through, we just didn't expect this! Some days I'm still worried about the challenges that will come with parenting five boys, including triplets and not a lot of age spacing..... but I'm certain that we'll figure it out as we go.

God has a beautiful plan for our family, I just know it.


Amy said...

What a blessing indeed! Congrats to you all. What a lucky boy.

Kathryn Biel said...

Congrats...I'm sorry...yah......HOLY CRAP!!!

Wow is about all I can formulate right now. I love your positive attitude...I would say that I wished for your grace under pressure, but I have a feeling you may need it a whole lot more than me. I wish there was something I could do for you, but I think what you need is another few set of hands or a whole lot more sleep, and I don't think I can help you out with either. Congrats on the new little guy (seriously, would a GIRL have been too much to ask for for you?!?).


Jennifer G. said...

Congrats on the new baby. I did the same thing. Didn't tell the world about our baby after the triplets until I was around 24-25 weeks.

Ella Ralph said...

OMG congratulations!!! wow, when it rains it pours eh?! How amazing for your family xx

Mama to four little blessings! said...

Thanks ladies! :-)