Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Building a backyard play set

So while I was taking a much needed break with my girlfriends last weekend, Chris and my in-laws held down the fort. They even found time to start our next little backyard project:

A play set for the boys!

I'm SO excited about this!! While there are playgrounds relatively close by, it's still not always easy (for us at least) to safely manage four kids at the playground, especially when three of them are 14 months! I find it especially difficult when a playground is crowded and each boy wants to go in different directions and/ or eat wood chips and sticks.

A swing set in our backyard just made sense.... plus, we may have kind of promised c one as an enticement on those days he was sad about moving"We're going to get a swing set at our new house!" we'd say and hope it somehow softened the transition.

Turns out though, they can be quite expensive! Oops, didn't really know that before hand.

After a little perusing over on craigslist (with four boys we've learned to embrace second hand gems!), we found one being sold by someone who'd never even opened the box! Can you believe that? So we got it for less than half of the original cost. Chris had to drive about an hour to pick it up but we think it was well worth it!

Here are the guys- Chris, his dad Marv and Colin, hard at work on Sunday:

Colin, "cutting" the boards for Chris and Marv.

Carter likes it!

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