Monday, December 19, 2011

Someday they'll grow big

I had such a heart warming conversation with Colin yesterday, while the two of us were driving to a Christmas party.

Me: "So at the party, there's going to be a baby named Quinn. He's just little, like our babies. Except there's only one baby, not three."

Colin: "Only one baby?"

Me: "Yup. Only one."  

This is curious to Colin because of course, he doesn't know any different than his mommy bringing home three babies at once.

He seems to be thinking about this in his car seat, as he looks out the window at the cars going past. I steal glances at him in the rear view mirror.

Me: I hesitate, but end up asking, "Colin, do you like having three baby brothers?"

After the week we've had, I hold my breath.

Colin: "Uh huh, yes" he says softly but with such certainty that I know it is his truth ("Uh huh" is the way Colin says "yes").

Me: "Why?"  I don't expect him to answer but I can't seem to help myself from asking the question.

Colin: "Someday grow big..... and play with me!" He is excited.

Wow. He gets it.

For a second I can't say anything because I'm so darn happy. He gets it. Despite and amongst all the momentary chaos, as we figure out how to safely contain everybody while they play, he gets that someday they're going to grow big and play with him. And he looks forward to playing with his brothers. I can't even remember us talking much about this fact, but maybe we have??? After a week of hearing him yell, "NO!" "Move back!" "THIS GUY's getting my stuff!" and giving a few time outs after the occasional push when a brother has grabbed a toy, it was nice to hear this conversation.

I'm not naive. I know they will fight. They will fight, love each other and always be, brothers. 

There was a long enough pause in the conversation as I thought about his sweet comment, that Colin finally says,

"Mommy, you did not KNOW that?!"

We laughed and drove on to our party.

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