Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa, I want a leaf blower

We made it to Michigan! 
Colin, snuggling his new Elmo, sitting next to my parents tree. Elmo was a Christmas gift brought out early.... hour 3.5 of the car trip to be precise. It was necessary.
I'm thrilled we get to spend the week at my parents house, just relaxing (well, as much as you relax with four boys under three) and enjoying time together. We're the first to arrive and then the house will gradually become busier as Christmas approaches and  my brothers, sister in law and niece arrive too. I can't wait. 

Chris and I took Colin to see Santa today. It was his first time going to sit on Santa's lap ever- in his whole almost 3 years! :). This year, he was all about going, in part out of curiosity to see Santa in person, rather than just in pictures and books. And especially to make sure he knows, Colin wants a leaf blower and a hammer for Christmas!

He was excited AND nervous. 

The look on his face says it all as we wait for our turn.

When it was his turn, he said, "Mommy too" so of course I went. But he did sit on Santa's lap which surprised me. I could tell he REALLY wanted to do it, and to chat with Santa without getting upset.

He held himself together. He mustered up all his bravery, said what he had to say. "Leaf blo- wer, Hammer too please." "Yes, me good"

And then the tears came. 

Pretty sure the thought bubble above his head would say, "I've said what I needed to say. I'm ready to leave."

After our Santa visit the three of us went out to lunch and it was really really nice. I love when we ALL get to hang out (pretty much all we do on the weekends), when I get to spend one on one time with each child and when Chris, Colin and I get some time together. The original three. 

Then I went home, parked my butt in the living room and snuggled the rest of my babies, next to the tree, for the rest of the afternoon. 


Amy said...

Every kid needs of picture of them screaming on Santa's lap. :) Merry Christmas to you all!

Kathryn Biel said...

You went to Bronners? I love that place. We have ornaments from there from when Jake was about 15 months old. Wish we could go back!

Mom to one, three on the way! said...

Merry Christmas Amy!!

Kate- Have you seriously been to Bronners?! Up in Frankenmuth, MI? My parents are from so close to there! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!