Sunday, December 4, 2011

We came, we saw, we regretted

Zoo Lights!

It sounded like a great idea.

"Let's take the kids to Zoo Lights tonight!" 

We'd be going after the trips bedtime but still.... we thought it'd be worth it.

We thought the triplets would either sleep in their strollers OR be so mesmerized by all the beautiful lights, that they'd quietly ride along. The other major factor in choosing this particular night to go was that it was as warm as it gets this time of year in Chicago, mid 40's. Last year when we tried to go, I think it was minus 40. We froze and quickly left.

So we loaded up all the kids, all their crap, two double strollers and....

sat in bumper to bumper traffic on Fullerton Ave. for an hour and 15 minutes. Two out of four kids were SCREAMING the whole time. 

That's right, it took us over an hour to travel just 3 miles down the road. 

As it turns out everyone else had the same idea we did.

I've NEVER seen the zoo so crowded.

The babies were miserable and Colin was also grouchy.

Heck, we all were.

Even the spiced wine that Uncle Gavin and Lauren met us with didn't take the edge off enough.

At one point I found myself tersely telling Colin, after he was rude to his uncle, "Remember... santa is watching!!! SANTA. IS. WATCHING!"

Not one of my finer moments.

But, the zoo lights are pretty! I will admit that.

Colin, in a brief moment of enjoyment

Just when I was sure it couldn't get worse, it started raining. Cold, wet rain. 

So we left. 

On our way home I mustered all the enthusiasm I could and asked Colin, "Did you like the Zoo Lights?!"

His answer?

"Ummmmm. NO."

And that was that.

When we finally got home the babies seemed thrilled to be placed in their cribs. I've never seen them so happy to be put to bed. 

Then I walked into the living room to find Chris like this:

Zoo lights had kicked our butts.

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Anonymous said...

We live a block and a half from the zoo and didn't even attempt to go! Warm nights are chaos there. At least you can say you went :) I'm impressed you would consider staying up past bedtimes. I'm not that brave! Haha.