Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dear Trips,

Here are a few more pictures of you all at 8 months. I wanted to take some without any shirts on because one of my most favorite things about this age is your cute little fat rolls and buddha bellies. 

Everett, Carter, Finn

This picture perfectly captures each of you at this point in time in so many ways. Everett, pulling to stand, Carter sitting just perfectly and Finn scooting around on his belly! Each of you interested in finding out what's going on outside the window.

Carter- you have two teeth on the bottom and more coming in on top. You sit just perfectly and seem to be right on the cusp of crawling. I know one of these days you're just going to take off. When you laugh your eyes open real big and you take a big breath in, pull up your shoulders and then smile with all your might. It's so incredibly infectious. You also love to jump in the jumper while laughing and shrieking. It's hilarious.

Finley- You are so content these days. You spend a lot of time on your belly shimmying here and there. When you see something you're interested in, there's no stopping you from pulling yourself across the floor, under tables, around gates to get at it. When my mom saw these 8 month pictures she said that you look just like I did at that age. You have two bottom teeth with more coming in and have started vocalizing "mamamama", which although I don't think is purposeful towards me, I still love hearing it!

Everett- You made getting a picture of you and your brothers very difficult as you are always on the move! You crawl, climb, and pull to stand every chance you get. Sitting for a picture is just not something you're interested in doing! Sometimes I have trouble keeping up with you! You just got your first tooth (on the bottom) and I think you may be getting a second on the bottom because you've been a little crabby going to bed at night. One of the cool things about you being so mobile is that it's even more clear than ever before how much you love to cuddle. You'll climb right up into my lap and throw your arms around me!

The three of you now want two solid food meals a day, stare at me whenever I'm eating "real" food, and love to try and eat puffs cereal. I think one out of every five puffs actually make it in your mouth but that's okay. It seems clear that half the fun is figuring out how to pick them up and reach your mouth! You play with each other by making raspberry sounds back and forth and laughing. You love when Colin sings to you. You love to watch him play with his trains and trucks and little people. I think you're plotting how you're going to get them at first chance. 

You've started grabbing toys from each other.... sometimes this is a problem. I can only imagine what the next years will bring in terms of sharing toys. We'll just enjoy today and not worry about that yet!

Carter and Finley. Everett is crawling somewhere out of frame....
"Does anyone think she'll ever let us out?"
"Yes, I believe so, one day when we're more manageable."


Anonymous said...

Are those cloth diapers on their hineys? Didn't know you used them. I love them but hate how much bulkier they make Laina causing her to seem even bigger and more grown up than she is. You have four adorable boys :)

Mom to one, three on the way! said...

Thanks! Yes, I used cloth diapers with Colin but with the triplets I haven't really used them at all! I just put them on for these pictures! It actually reminded me of how much I like them, just hasn't really been realistic for us this time around....