Tuesday, November 29, 2011

8 months today!

Here are my beautiful babies at 8 months!

Everett, Finley, Carter

They, along with their big brother Colin ran circles around me today. The moment I heard myself utter the phrase, "We don't touch poop", I knew the day was getting out of hand.

So I'm heading out on a mommy break to grab dinner and drinks with a friend and I'll post more pictures tomorrow. Before I do, here's one I got a kick out of:

I imagine Colin explaining, "So here's how it works. I'm the boss, follow me and I'll show you the ropes, and don't ever touch my stuff, especially my tools."

As the babies are getting more mobile, they're into his stuff more and Colin is concerned about this. He's working on using his words and asking mommy or daddy for help rather than taking matters into his own hands and having to share so much of his space so early in life. 

And yet, gaining all these brothers at once has revealed such an extraordinary side of him. He's so loving toward them- except when he's not of course ;) 

Yesterday he asked if he could hold Everett. 

Of course.

Just look at that brotherly love!

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Amy said...

Eight months! Wow. Eight months. They are such an adorable little threesome. And that pic you got of all four boys is amazing.