Friday, September 30, 2011

6 Months!!!!!!

The boys turned 6 months today!!

I woke up to the loveliest of notes, written to me by my husband. It was about how far we've come, his pride for our family and gratitude for our boys. It was so sweet and actually it didn't surprise me very much that he wrote it, because I was feeling the same way waking up today. I understand completely why reaching this milestone of 6 months feels so poignant. 

From the minute I saw three little beans on the ultrasound monitor and started popping those pre-natal vitamins, I've worried. I suppose some of that just comes with being a parent. I worried about their in-utero development, if they'd have enough room, or even darker worries. My worries were often validated  by doctors who reiterated how risky the pregnancy was, then by doctors who explained what could happen if they were born too early. After they were born I worried every time I had to leave them in the nicu. "Would the nicu nurses hold them as close as I would when they cried?" "Could they try and love them the same when I couldn't be there??" I pleaded this to them with my eyes every time I left.

I worried about how Colin would fair, his world turned completely upside down by three babies. I worried that I couldn't survive without proper sleep, that I'd be grumpy all the time, that our marriage would somehow suffer. 

When they came home I worried about flat heads, delayed milestones, gaining weight, Finn's heart condition, and the big one.... spending enough one on one time with each one of them.

So here's why 6 months feels so extraordinary. 

While we were busy worrying, God was taking care of our boys. They're gaining weight, eating well, sleeping well, and chewing everything in sight, including each other. They smile. They laugh. They coo at the top of their lungs- sometimes at 3 a.m. (I'm talking about you, Finn!). They seem to be enjoying themselves so far.

Despite our worries about Colin, he has totally risen to the occasion. He is truly a wonderful big brother that has so far adjusted beautifully. 

And at 6 months I now can't hardly remember or even imagine life without them. 

The most common thing people say when they see all six of us coming is, "Wow. You have your hands full!" Some people take it further and say inappropriate things or make statements to indicate that in no way would they EVER want to trade places with us. Those people seem to assume that life must just be miserable trying to care for triplets plus one.

During these moments, we now just smile because truthfully WE ARE SO RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY. Is it hard? Yes. Is it crazy at times? Oh yeah. But is raising our triplets plus one the most fun we've ever had and the greatest honor? For sure.

I wouldn't trade the journey we've had to get to this point, or our crazy lives with these boys for anything in the world. 

Carter, Everett and Finley, we have such gratitude for each one of you. You keep proving to us, to worry less, have faith and enjoy the ride. 

I asked Colin if he wanted to get in the picture. He said, "No" and then grabbed a toy giraffe and started flying around saying, "Smile babies!" He thought his job was very important- and it was!

12:30 p.m. September 29. From left to right, Carter, Everett and Finley.

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