Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I haven't blogged in a number of days.

People I love are going through challenges that seem so unfair and it's had me not feeling like writing about mundane every day life. 

Lately I find myself wondering, "What is all this (life, hardships, suffering) for?" 

When amazing people go through amazingly hard things it just seems so completely unfair. 

Yet it's the fragility of life that makes you realize how important it is to suck the life out of every moment. Appreciate every moment, even the ones that seem so mundane, so ordinary. 

Like today when I found myself on the floor surrounded by my babies, laughing, rolling and as yummy as can be.

Although I may not understand why things happen the way that they do, in my kids faces I'm continuously reminded of all that is wonderful and beautiful in this life. They make me believe in a grander plan.

(okay, so I just re-read this and had to laugh because I'm guessing that for most people, sitting on the floor surrounded by triplets actually isn't so "ho hum, mundane, ordinary life moments"! But for me.... chillin' with my babies, just as pictured above, is how I spend most afternoons while Colin naps.....)

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