Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Baptism, part 1

The triplet's were baptized this past Sunday. It was one of my most favorite days ever. One that I wish I could somehow keep in a bottle and re-live over and over again.

Yup, it was that special.

The boys each wore matching white outfits. One was the same outfit that Colin wore to his baptism. The other two we had to hunt down at two separate stores in two different states. As it turns out, it's not always so easy finding three of the same outfit in the same size, especially at a specialty store!

I knew the morning of the baptism would be CRAZY trying to get out of the house, so the afternoon before, I dressed them in their outfits and took some pictures. That way, I wouldn't feel pressure to get pics the day of the baptism. I could just worry about getting to church on time, no easy feat for this family of six!


Carter and Finley chatting it up between takes :)


Everett (grabbing Finn's toes too)

By the way, the blanket you see in all of the pictures was made for Chris, when he was just a baby, by his grandmother. I love all the bright colors in it and the sentimentality behind it.

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