Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wonderful yet OMG!!

(Babies A and B... C was laying face down and so the ultrasound technician couldn't get a profile shot this time)

I had a great doctors appointment today! 

The boys are all growing fantastically! They are each 2 lb. 11 ounces, 2 lb. 10 ounces and 2 lb. 7 ounces which means they're all above average for weight- and that's as compared to a singleton baby. Do I sound like a proud mama?! Well, I am. 

I'd been slightly worried these past few days because I really only feel movement on the right side of my belly. Well, the ultrasound revealed that they're each positioned so that all their feet seem to converge together on the right side. 
So cute!

Really, the best part was seeing them. They look like real babies at this point. I just can't hardly wait to be able to hold and cuddle each one of them.

My meeting with the doctor went well too. I continue to show absolutely no signs of pre-term labor.  This news combined with the news that the boys are growing so big and strong left me both elated and then on the drive home thinking..... Oh My God..... just how big and uncomfortable will I be if I'm blessed enough to carry these boys another two plus months?! I know I should just be grateful for the good news and the potential opportunity to continue carrying these boys a while but carrying triplets is definitely more mentally and physically demanding than I ever could have imagined. 

One day at a time...... how worth it, it will be!

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