Friday, October 22, 2010

New Docs

I haven't been good about blogging lately because quite frankly I've been busy puking my guts out and napping with my little man. In fact, today is the first day in almost 3 months that I haven't napped with c! I'm tired, but feeling much much better (knock on wood). I haven't even thrown up in 4 days (but whose counting). Wohoo!

Yesterday we meet with our new doctor. Although it was hard to switch from the wonderful midwife and doctor who delivered colin, we were SOOOO impressed with the high risk team at Prentice. It's one of those rare doctor practices where you feel immediately at ease, welcomed and confident that you're in good hands. Just what we needed!

I had an ultrasound and then meet with Dr. Julian for over an hour. It'd been 4 weeks since I last saw my babies on ultrasound and I was so nervous going into this one. However, everything continues to look great. In fact, the babies were bouncing all around on the screen. So surreal. I still can't feel them moving but took such joy (and relief) watching them moving around on screen.

Meeting with the doctor wasn't quite as reassuring as I'd hoped. I guess that a part of me hoped she would give me a magic solution to avoid early labor, or tell me that somehow I wasn't at risk for early labor. She didn't. She was honest about all the risks that come with a triplet pregnancy. To us it seems like basically I could carry these babies all the way up to 37 weeks becoming utterly uncomfortable (I hope, I hope!!). Or, I could spontaneously go into labor way too early. Since it seems that there is often no way to predict the ways in which things could go terribly wrong, I find there no sense in worrying about it (easier said then done). What I do feel confident about is that this team of doctors are the best of the best for handling any issues that come up. Already, we trust them completely which is a great feeling. And truthfully, I feel an odd sense of peace that everything is going to be just fine.

The biggest surprise came when the doctor said that a vaginal delivery is entirely possible. What??? I'd assumed a c-section would be a given. However, I'm thrilled for the chance to naturally deliver each of these babies. One things for sure though, an epidural will be securely in place this time around!

So that's the news to report this week. Chris and I are getting more and more excited about all these babies. What an unexpected, incredible blessing each one of them is.

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