Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My brave little man

Our little man developed what seemed like just a bad cold a few days ago. He was sooo congested, coughing and miserable. After being up most of the night, I took him into the pediatrician expected him to find an ear infection as well. There was no ear infection, however, the doctor was concerned about how much he seemed to be wheezing and struggling to breath. So they sent us over to Children's hospital to be monitored and possibly admitted. I was trying not to freak out.

At the hospital, they put him in a little gown with bears on it which was adorable and yet frightening at the same time. It seems so unfair that any child should have to be in a situation to wear a mini hospital gown. Although we knew that c wasn't critical (at least that's what I kept telling myself), he had to be poked and prodded as the doctors tried to figure out exactly was was constricting his breathing. At one point Chris and I had to hold him down while the nurses weaved tubes down his nose and into his lungs to suck fluid out. C was screaming and crying and terrified. He looked to us to saved him. It felt awful not to be able to just deck the nurses for touching him, then scoop him up and run out the door. Actually, the doctors were as gentle and as wonderful as they could be in this situation. What a tough job they have.

The only good part was that since it's a Children's hospital, they had tv's in each room and you could choose a movie to watch. I got in bed with c and chris sat right beside the bed. We all cuddled and watched Nemo which c loved. I'd forgotten what a great movie it is.

Around midnight, after ruling out pneumonia, and undergoing many nebulizer treatments, they sent us home. We walked out of the hospital with c on Chris's shoulders and without prompting, c spontaneously started fist pumping the air as soon as they walked through the hospital doors back into the busy city.

I LOVE this kid.

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