Monday, May 4, 2015

Our Week: Butterflies, Special Time, and Dinner On the Deck

We had such a busy week last week, that I only blogged once. Man, as these boys get older, nap less, and stay up later, it gets harder and harder to find time to blog! Nap time and after early bedtime was always my blogging time!

Still, I'll continue to blog when I can, because I do really enjoy it.

Last Sunday, we headed up to Grand Rapids to see the butterflies. This was the last week of the Butterfly exhibit and there were so many to see! Since moving here, it's something we've done every year and the boys always enjoy it.

As a side note: you know you have a big family when it is the same price or cheaper to buy a year long family pass than it is to pay for your family to enter one time! We often end up with a year's pass to the zoo, the Children's Museum, Meijer Garden's.... it's just something funny to me.


Up until last year they were scared that a butterfly might land on them (because occasionally they will). However this time, they were all hoping and praying that a butterfly would land on them!

Hence Colin, holding his finger out, trying to welcome a butterfly to land..... at first I couldn't figure out what he was doing! To his dismay, it didn't happen this time. :(

We also walked through some of the outdoor sculptures. I love the above picture.... how each one is following the next....Chris as the lead..... all my loves, all in a row, doing their thing.

Colin and Finn
Every couple days Finn will ask Colin, "Colin are you still my best friend?" To which Colin replies, "Yup".   "Okay good" Finn will say.

It was also a "special time" week. Chris and I make an effort to get "special time" with each child. Our house is busy and sometimes the little people talk over each other (with five young children, this just seems inevitable). Our intention during a child's "special time", is that they enjoy our undivided attention, feel special and well listened too. For us as parents, it's also so nice to be able to have that one on one time with them and get to know them a little better.

So, each night after dinner last week, either Chris or I took one of the (four older) boys for their special time.

Colin and Chris went to get haircuts and then out for ice cream.

On Tuesday, Carter and I went swimming and then out for ice cream. He talked non-stop, which I got such a kick out of and so enjoyed. I learned more about him. Such as, his favorite things to play these days, what he's most afraid of, and what he really thinks about going to preschool next year.

Everett and Chris went out to dinner together and apparently Everett sucked down the lemonade he ordered so fast, it was pretty unbelievable. Although we do take the boys out to restaurants, we don't usually allow them to order any drink besides water because it gets expensive. So- Everett was in heaven with his lemonade(s). Afterwards, they went for ice-cream.

Finn wanted nothing more than to go fishing with Chris, so although it was really my turn to have special time with him, I let the two of them go...... Finn got to use his new fishing pole and although they didn't catch anything, it wasn't really about the fish anyway.

And then before we knew it, it was the weekend! AND, it's Tulip Time! Tulip time is a big deal in Holland, Michigan. There are multiple parades, rides, music, dancing, events, petting zoos, fireworks, and of course, beautiful tulips everywhere you go! We've actually never really participated much in the Tulip Time festivities simply because the boys were always so little, but this year, we're dipping our toes in and checking things out.

Oh, and we ate out on the deck for the first time this season. That always feels so good!

I tried to use the timer to take this picture but it didn't really turn out. Trust me though, we are all there, outside on the deck and there's no snow and it's beautiful and we loved every minute of it!

Although we are without question, the loudest family in the neighborhood. :)

Hope you had a good weekend too!

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