Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Four Boys, One Bedroom

When we first moved to Michigan (pre-Owen), we gave Colin his own room, thinking that he'd like some space from the "babies" (because in Chicago they all had to share a room due to lack of space). He started in his own room but soon decided he wanted to be back with his brothers. I'll never forget how one night before bed, he finally told us this and asked, "So when can I move in with them??" We said, "We didn't know you felt this way" and, "anytime." He wanted to move into their room right then and there. So we moved him in with his brothers, right then and there, and the four of them have shared a room ever since.

But now change is in the air, at least as far as sleeping arrangements go. Colin's moving to a twin bed, Owen's taking over his toddler bed, and Colin will be moving into Owen's room (which he's now thrilled about because there will be more "office space" in there). You know how important office space is to a six year old.

Still first, I wanted to capture this moment in time.

This moment in time, when there were four little beds all lined up in a row. When those four little beds were filled with little boys wearing footy pjs, who all insisted on sharing a room together.

By the way, my sister in law Madeline, made these pictures for us. I didn't ask her to but she knew that I was searching for what to put on this wall, and felt inspired to paint. Then she surprised me with them. I cried when I saw them. She is so thoughtful and so creative and I think they're perfect for the boys room. She'd noticed that #millerboysfive is often a hashtag I use on instagram when I post a picture of the boys and and went from there. We love them Madeline!!! And we love you!!!

And yes, the boys room is always this clean. ahahahahahahahaha

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