Monday, March 9, 2015

Through the eyes of a six year old

Chris and I didn't take many photos from this trip. Luckily however, Colin took 328.

Just before our trip, Colin found an older, pocket sized, camera of ours. He asked if he could have it.

"Sure. Why don't you bring it on our trip?"

And so he did. Big time!

He was taking pictures and video from the minute the mini van pulled out of the driveway at 4:30 a.m.

I enjoy seeing the trip from his perspective though :-)

4:30 a.m

View from the back

And this is pretty much the position I was in for 18 of the 20 hours! Passing out snacks and keeping my passengers happy :) (I'm being dramatic.... sort of)

Selfie action:

He was also into taking pictures using the self timer. Sometimes it worked......

Sometimes, it almost worked.....

 He took lots of wildlife pictures.

Can you spot the baby alligator?

Or the lizard?

This type of bird was so interesting to all the boys! He has to dry his wings off before he can fly. So there he'd be, shaking his wings as we walked past.

Well hello mr. turtle.

Animals NOT indigenous to Florida:

Though worth taking a few pictures of.... according to Colin. :)
(side note: Everett, who is cuddled into my side while I write this post just made his only comment so far and it was about the above picture. "I love that picture!" he said)

Colin had a knack for "surprise" shots, catching his subjects natural and unposed .

Even himself:

Ahhh, the beauty of a gas station. Some people might pass up the opportunity to photograph it. But not a six year old! :)

I think this last picture was from the ride down. I didn't realize that he'd kept his flip flops ready to go, for whenever we finally hit warmer weather. What a perfect spot for them, don't you think?

And in case you're wondering where any pictures of his brothers are or if he took any, I'll tell you. There are few pictures but LOTS and I mean LOTS of videos. Videos filled with brother's being silly, goofy, hyper, showing off lego creations and having a great time. :)

Thanks Colin, for capturing our trip with spirit and curiosity! 

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