Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day and the Elusive Leprechaun!

This week is even more busy than a usual week and because of that I'm giving myself grace (something I'm working on). In the past, we've had fun celebrating St. Patrick's Day with all things green at dinner (a tradition that my mom did when we were growing up). But with everything going on this week, I threw Colin in a green shirt and patted myself on the back. Wearing a green shirt would be enough.

Then I found some clean green shirts for the other boys and myself and felt even better. I thought, "Alright, we're all in green. Done."

When we picked up Colin after school, he excitedly flew into the van as soon as the door slid open and announced that, The Leprechaun messed up EVERYTHING at his school! He turned the toilet's GREEN! He messed with stuff in his classroom! And worst of all, he took gold and left silver instead. Furthermore, he announced, the trap that he and his friend build did not work! It almost worked.... but alas, the Leprechaun got away.

He was SO excited about all the Leprechaun happenings at school...... and it was contagious.

"Guys. Did anything strange happen around here?" Colin asked as we pulled into the driveway.

"YEAH. I think SO!" said Finn, and all the boys ran inside to investigate.

The younger boys and I had been home all day because Carter was sick. But when they all walked in, Colin noticed some OBVIOUS Leprechaun shenanigans. Evidence 1: The place was a mess. (Yup, must be the Leprechaun). Evidence 2: There were popcorn crumbs all over the kitchen floor. (Again, clearly the doings of the Leprechaun and not a result of Carter, Everett, Finn, Owen and I gorging on a mid afternoon snack without time to sweep up.)

After surveying the evidence, they ran downstairs to build traps. I sat back and watched them in action, feeling like I'm the luckiest person in the world, to be a part of this moment in time with them, where everything is magical and Leprechauns really exist.

One of my little Irishmen. He's posing but also doing a hula dance. Because, why not?

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