Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday Colin!

Dear Colin, 

Six years ago tonight, you and I were up pretty much all night together. It was the first full night after you were born and as I lay there in the hospital bed with you on my chest, I was amazed by 1. how often you wanted to nurse and be held (I still don't know what I expected... did I really think babies slept through the night from the start?? If so, boy did I have a lot to learn!!) and 2. How completely and utterly in love with you I was. We were buddies, right from the start. 

Colin, we are so proud of the boy that you are. You are so loving, kind and polite. You are a good friend to others and an amazing big brother. You love science, inventing "things" and exploring the outdoors. Somehow you have a musical talent and although we're not sure where it came from..... we appreciate it about you!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Blurry, but it captures his joy after opening his new guitar. 

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