Saturday, March 21, 2015


First bike ride of the season! Wahoo!!
Don't let the snow in these pictures fool you, spring is on it's way! We can feel it!! Over the past week, we've had a few days that felt more spring-ish, then dead of winter-ish. This gives us hope! Hope that soon we'll be once again playing in the driveway for hours on end. Hope that our days will once again be filled with bike rides and walks and exploring the outdoors. My boys (and this Mom) don't do well being cooped up in doors for too long. They need to explore and they need the outdoors! 

Other signs of spring:

A lowly caterpillar:

By the way, mismatched gloves are the new trend. Did you know that?

Maple syrup!!!

Every year since we've moved out of the city, Chris has tapped the trees in our yard and made syrup that lasts most of the year. Chris loves the outdoors and doing stuff like this..... it's such a part of who he is and we love this about him! As you might imagine, the boys love to help with the process! Every day, we check the taps to see how much sap there is and then carry the sap over to the always simmering, enormous pot. Seriously, this pot is simmering for most of March!

The ability to play outside without getting stuck in waist high snow.

Flowery necklaces.

So, I wore this necklace for the first time today, because it felt like spring, it was sunny out and well, because, why not? I thought it was a good choice. But when I came downstairs, the boys all stopped cold in their tracks and  looked at me STARED at me. Carter seemed to speak for everyone when he asked, "What the heck is that on your neck?!"

They don't always get it.

Given that we live in Michigan, we are well aware that we could easily get another snowstorm..... (Please NO!) but not today. Today we are just enjoying the sun and the "warmth" and the outdoors!!


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